Meet our Staff

For over 30 years, our staff specializes in working directly with you to fulfill your needs.

Dr. Manuel Sierra
Todd Allen, P.A.
Nancy Bentley, LCPC
Calleen Cannon, LCPC
Rafael Torres, LPC
Cynthia Lange, LPC
Clayton Riggs, LPC
Ashlynn Oborn, LMSW
Cassie Snell, LMSW
Vanessa Hanson, LCPC
Jan Clark, LPC
Jill Stewart, LMSW
Abigail Jensen, LMSW
Alicia Carrillo, LMSW
Ronda Hauser, TCC
Dave Richardson, TCC
Jordan Thomas, TCC
Kylee Landon, TCC
Kayla Gibbons, LPC
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